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Wallpaper for Girls’ Bedroom ideas

The Girls Bedroom Ideas for Different Taste

July 31, 2017

On planning decorating your girl room but still confused? Don’t be worried about it, because you will get some girls bedroom ideas in different concept. Before deciding the concept, you have to discuss with your daughter about which kind of bedroom that she want.

Girls’ Bedroom Ideas

After that you can bring some ideas that have you been search then ask her for the recommendation. You cannot fully take responsible for your daughter’s room but she have to get involve since it must be hers. Then, don’t forget to accumulate the budget or you can also reuse things that have you have before. So, here are some ideas for you

Twins Space Girls Bedroom Ideas
If you have twins and have the limited room for them, you can change their room to be the share room. For the first, you can use the two levels bed. It has advantages to make the room looks larger and simpler. Then, you can choose the bright color which contains of pastel colors such as pink, green, blue and white. You can combine the two tone color for wallpaper.

Twins Space Girls Bedroom Ideas

If your twins like blue color, you can apply blue and white but if both of them have different favorite colors, you can just apply two of their favorite colors to make it equal. Then, get two tables for their study so they can use it at the same time as the best girls’ bedroom ideas.

Playing on Wallpaper for Girls’ Bedroom ideas
For the simplest on, you can apply some of pattern wallpaper to make the room be elegant. If you daughter like to the simple one, you can apply this kind of wallpaper as the girls’ bedroom ideas. For the base wall color, you can apply the white color then put on the wallpaper that have flowery or elegant pattern.

Wallpaper for Girls’ Bedroom ideas

For the best girls’ bedroom ideas, use the white furniture as the neutral color so it can be easier to change the color atmosphere. For changing atmosphere, you can change the bed cover color and the furniture around. On the other hand, you can just go cycling with two colors such as pink pastel and green pastel.

Hang Up the Favorite Items
Favorite items can be the decorating item one for your daughter’s room. For instance, if your daughter like music you can hang her instrument and get the melodic wallpaper. Besides, you can also hang some of painting with related to the music. Poster of her idol must be the best one but try to not too full covering all the wall.

On the other hand, if your daughter like to photograph, you can make some of items that form like a camera. You can hang some of that fake camera on one side of her room. After that, use the old flickers as the frame of some photos.

For the best corner, you can use it as your daughter’s work which display some of photograph of your daughter and captured by her. Considering your daughter’s favorite things must be the best girls’ bedroom ideas.

Purple Sofa
Furniture, Living Room

The Purple Living Room Decorating Ideas for Elegant Looks

July 29, 2017

Are you bored with your living room? Maybe it is the time when you have to change the atmosphere of your living room. Playing with purple color must be the best choice for living room decorating ideas. Some of people might think that purple is the dark color and not suitable for any kind of atmosphere, but the rest is disagree. Purple can bring the elegant atmosphere and make your space to be look cozier.

Purple Living Room Decorating Ideas

First of all, you can choose between light purple and dark purple. Both of them are fine but if you want get more glamour, you can choose the darker one. After that, choose the items for decorating your purple living room. So, here are the items that might you place.

The Grey Wall Color
First of all, to get livelier living room you can choose the grey tone for your wall as living room decorating ideas. It must be the prefect one when the dark grey color featuring with the dark elegant purple color. Then, you can make some texture on the wall or just sticking the wallpaper with the line. It will make your living room be perfect.

Purple Sofa

Purple Sofa
As the main concept, you can place the purple sofa face to face. You can also place the pattern sofa if you want to make it more detail. Yet, you have to still match it with the purple concept. Then, on the sofa you can place some of fur pillow with the different color. White or black must be the best color for the pillow that will placed on the sofa. For the table, you can use the one tone color which is white or black for getting the best purple living room decorating ideas.

Don’t Forget About Rug
Rug is the must-item for your elegant purple living room decorating ideas. You can use any kind of rug. However, there are some considerations on choosing the rug. First, you have to know about the materials since the different types of rug will get the different maintenance. You can choose the easiest maintenance one.

elegant purple living room decorating ideas

Second, you have to measure the large of the rug so that it will be not to cover all of your room. The ideal size of rug in living room is not more than 70% covering. As the best recommendation, you can choose the white fur rug that must be help your living room be more elegant. On the other hand, you can also choose the velvet rug.

Flowers make it Flowery
For the last touch of decorating your living room is place the beautiful plant. In this point, flower is the best choice as the purple living room decorating ideas. You can put a flower in the vas for each corner in your living room. For the other concept, you can put some of flowers on the center of room then place some of single flower. The white color must be the best one to make your living room be warm and cozy.

Floating Shelves is Not Bad One
Furniture, Living Room

The Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas to Make It Looks Larger

July 29, 2017

Are you moving to the new apartment recently? You must be have the busy time to redecorate your new apartment. There are some consideration on decorating your space, right? First of all, you have to focus on which part of your space that will be decorating first. You cannot jump to each space before one space has not be finished yet. Second, you have to consider the concept that you want with the real space that you have.

For the example, if you want to take the minimalist concept, you can choose the related one. Then, maybe you have to start from the living for. There are some modern living room furniture ideas that can be used for your space. If you have the limited space for your living room, you have to consider some important things.

Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Concern on the Light Color
As the first modern living room furniture ideas, you can choose the soft color. For make it looks larger, you can also use the light or soft color. Then, put some items that matched to your concept. The flowery must be the best one. Apply the cream or white color for your wall and the softer color for the floor. After that, place a single long sofa with has pastel color. The rest is you can add the suitable things such as flowers, curtain and also wall item.

Place a Mirror in Your Living Room
To make your limited to look wider, you can hang a mirror there. It must be perfect if you can hang this kind of modern living room furniture ideas can make your room be feel fresh. The bigger mirror that you get, the better your living room will be.

Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Get The Metallic Items is the Best Choice
Besides get the light or soft color for your living room, you can also add some metallic items as the best modern living room furniture ideas. With its shimmery color, it will make your space be brighter. You can use the metallic for your mirror’s frame, lamp or even frame that will be hang up.

Floating Shelves is Not Bad One
Besides hanging up the mirror, you can also minimize the place for storage. As the modern living room furniture ideas, floating shelves can be the benefit on making your living room be cozy one. You can use this kind of shelves for your favorite books or just for displaying the items that you like.

Floating Shelves is Not Bad One

However, you have to consider the place of the shelves. You can place it near the window or the sofa in your cozy living room. Don’t forget to get more items such as frames beside it so it will be look not too blank.

Make Your Furniture to be Mobile
For the last living room ideas, you can make your furniture to be mobile so it must be easy for you to make the space look larger. By pushing the furniture, you can use it in the time when you need it. Then, it also can help you in managing the limited space.