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romantic bedroom designs

Bedroom Designs for Couples with Romantic Impression

August 26, 2017

Becoming a new married couple is certainly become a delightful thing but also difficult at the same time. It happens because there will be many things that must be needed to live a new life together. House is an important thing that must be had by a new married couple. Married couples without kids commonly will stay in minimalist home. Besides it is simple, minimalist home usually will have a cheaper price. However, whether the home is big or not, every couple certainly has the same dream of bedroom designs.

romantic bedroom designs

Bedroom designs for couples which give a romantic impression certainly become a dream bedroom especially for new married couples. However, not all couples have a romantic bedroom. Sometimes some of them only have a simple bedroom which at least can be a place to sleep together. The size of the bedroom and the budget become reasons why some couples prefer to have a simple bedroom.

Actually, nowadays there are many tips of romantic bedroom designs for couples with affordable price which can be applied to your bedroom.

Bedroom Designs for Couples with Affordable Budget

To create a romantic bedroom is actually not a difficult thing. In giving romantic situation, you do not need to buy expensive things like king size bed or others. There are a lot of things that you can do to design your bedroom become romantic with low budget. Here are some tips to design a romantic bedroom on budget

1. Change the Wall Color

Romantic bedroom designs for couples are commonly used soft or neutral colors. You can also pick some wallpaper with elegant and romantic theme to be patched in your bedroom. However, if you want to minimize the budget, you can paint your wall with certain colors.

romantic bedroom designs

Colors such as gold, silver, white, grey, or purple can be the selection of colors that you can choose in your bedroom. Grey can be a great color which can give warm impression.

2. Pay attention to the furniture

To create a romantic bedroom, you do not always have to buy new furniture. You can give romantic impression to your bed by changing the bed cover with the romantic color. White color can be a perfect color you can choose.

3. Add some decoration

To give a romantic situation, let add some decoration to your bedroom. Put some picture of you and your mate. You can put your wedding picture on the sides of your bedroom. Besides, put both of your favorite air freshener.

romantic bedroom designs

This will makes both of you feel comfortable while in your bedroom. Otherwise, you can put aroma therapy which will give the romantic impression. Another decoration that you can put is night lamp with the dim light.

A romantic bedroom is surely become an important thing for many couples. Besides giving romantic and comfortable sensation, this kind of bedroom also will add the harmony in your relationship. Nowadays, there are many books or website that share about romantic bedroom designs for couples. All you can do is just considering some points, such as budget and your bedroom size before designing and decorating your room.

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Minimalist Room

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Minimalist Room

August 18, 2017

Bedroom is the most comfortable in the house. For making their bedrooms become more comfortable, some people willing to spend their money to decorate it. Before decorating a bedroom, there are some points which must be considered first, one of them is the room size. For some people who have big and large room, they certainly can express themselves in decorating their bedroom. Yet, for those who have small bedroom, decorating can become a problem.

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Minimalist Room

These days, in decorating their bedrooms, people prefer the modern decoration which is simple but looks elegant. To create a modern bedroom, nowadays there are so many modern bedroom decorating ideas that you can apply to your bedroom. The choice of bedroom furniture, bedroom wall color, and bedroom decoration is the things that you must consider in decorating it.

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas for elegant bedroom

Having a small bedroom does not mean you cannot decorate it become a comfortable place. Nowadays there are a lot of modern bedroom decorating ideas which help you decorating your small bedroom. However, in decorating a small bedroom, there are some points which must be considered.

The good selection of the design and the right placement of furniture will create a comfort and fineness in your bedroom. Here are some modern bedroom decorating ideas to make your small bedroom looks elegant and luxurious.

1. Simple Furniture
The selection of furniture for small bedroom is one important thing in decorating a room. A small bedroom actually does not need much furniture. Much furnishing in your bedroom will make it looks stuffy and cramped.

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Minimalist Room

Therefore, you can choose some minimalist furniture, yet functional. You can choose a bed which is equipped with a shelf underneath, or a cabinet which merged with work table.. Choose the furniture with elegant color such as like black, brown, or white.

2. Wall Color
In decorating a room, the selection of color definitely will give a big effect in the room. Choosing neutral colors is one of modern bedroom decorating ideas to make your room looks elegant. Neutral colors are the colors that are most suitable for minimalist bedroom.

small bedroom

White is the best color you can choose for your small bedroom. In addition to white, you can also use other colors, such as aquamarine, gray, or other soft colors. Besides giving minimalist and elegant impression, these colors will add comfortable feeling when you are in bedroom.

3. Decorations
To make your bedroom looks more interesting, you can put some decorations such as photographs, paintings or clocks on your bedroom wall. For minimalist home decoration, choose photos or painting with a small size. A painting or photograph with a big size will make your small bedroom looks cramped. However, if you want to make your small bedroom looks larger, you can put a mirror in your room.

Decorating a minimalist bedroom is certainly not an easy thing. There are many things that must be considered while doing room decoration. However, nowadays there are so many modern bedroom decorating ideas for minimalist and elegant bedroom which help people for doing decoration.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teenage Girls

Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teenage Girls

August 17, 2017

Bedroom is one important room which has many functions in a house. Almost all activities such as having a rest, reading books, working, watching TV, or even having lunch are done in bedroom. The importance of bedroom makes bedroom must be designed as comfortable as possible. For some teenage girls, bedroom also becomes a place to gather around with their friends.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teenage Girls

Some of teenage girls sometimes will decorate their bedroom in order to make their friends feel comfortable and happy staying there. One of popular and cheap bedroom decorating ideas which mostly teenager girls copy is Tumblr bedroom ideas.

Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Tumblr Bedroom

Tumblr is one of blog engine like blogger which is commonly well-known and used by teenage girls nowadays. Tumblr actually looks like the combination of twitter and facebook where on Tumblr we can follow other users, post some pictures and videos, and also like other users’ posts.

Tumblr is very popular with its wonderful and amazing photographs and quotes. One of popular photographs is Tumblr bedrooms which is very cool and adored by many teenage girls.

Tumblr bedroom is very typical with the decorative light, posters, photos, and quotes on the wall. Because of the impressiveness of this bedroom, there are many teenage girls who decorate their bedroom like on Tumblr. For some of you who see Tumblr bedrooms decoration for the first time, you may think that it is hard and need much money to decorate your bedroom like that. Actually, there are some tips of cheap bedroom decorating ideas to make your bedroom looks like Tumblr bedrooms.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teenage Girls

Wall Decoration

Tumblr bedrooms are very typical with unique and creative wall decoration. For cheap bedroom decorating ideas for bedroom walls, you can re-use some old stuff, such as magazines, newspapers, or cardboards. You can decorate your bedroom walls by putting your favorite quote from those unused stuffs. All you must do is just make alphabet patterns on it, cut it, and then place it on your bedrooms walls.
Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teenage Girls

Light Decoration

The second important thing from Tumblr bedrooms decoration is the light decoration. To minimize the budget, you can decorate your bedroom using unused light. For example, you can use the unused decorative lights of Christmas three. If you are not celebrating Christmas, you can buy some lights in the near store. Nowadays there are many people who sell Tumblr lights online with affordable price. After you got the lights, you hang it on the wall vertically.


Placing some photos in your bedroom is one of the cheap bedroom decorating ideas which is very easy. To make you room looks like Tumblr room, you can hang some of your photos on your bedroom wall. The equipments that you need besides photos are ropes, clasp, and nails. All you can do is just put the rope into the hole on the clasp, then clip some photos, after that hang it on the wall by using nails.

Those are some ways that you can do to make your bedroom looks like Tumblr bedroom. Nowadays, you do not need to spend much money for decorating your bedroom. There are many cheap bedroom decorating ideas with various choices that you can apply. All you need is creativity and patience. Happy decorating!

Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

August 15, 2017

Small bedroom design ideas for kids are the important things that you have to prepare when you think about decorating bedroom for your kids, especially, for the small bedroom. When we are prepare the bedroom for our kids, we have to make sure that the concept that we prepare for the room is the right one.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

Children are cheerful. We have to know that the child room also have to represent their cheerfulness and their hobby as well, so that we can fulfill to provide them the comfortable for resting and studying named bed room. Do you want to know what can of small bedroom design ideas for kids? Here is the information for you.

Bedroom and Its Relation with Hobbies

You kids might have some hobbies in basketball or some other sports. Those kinds of hobbies can be your inspiration in preparing one of the best designs of small bedroom design ideas for kids. For the example, if you choose the design of basketball concept, you can gather or put anything related with the basketball in your kids’ bedroom.

You might decide to design the wall of your bedroom with the orange color which no other than the color that dominant with basketball. Besides that, you might do the painting of basketball ring in the wall to build up the atmosphere of basketball arena in your bedroom. That is a very important thing for you to do. By doing that, you can build up the atmosphere.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

Besides that, you also can put some stuff that related very well with basketball. You might put some accessories on the table that related with the concept of basketball that you applied in your kids’ bedroom. By putting some accessories and some stuffs that can support the atmosphere in your bedroom is the best choice that you need to prepare. So, you have to prepare those kinds of things and pay attention to those things if you want to prepare the best small bedroom design ideas for kids based on their hobbies.

Bedroom Concept based On Favorite Figure

Another concept that you can use for your children bedroom is the favorite figure concept. As we know that children might have their own favorite figure, such as the character in the cartoon movies or serial, superhero or princess of Disney serial, or many more. Those characters can help us to decide which one is the concept that we are going to use to design our kids bedroom.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

For the example, your children love Batman and he wants to have a bedroom with full of Batman stuff in it. To help you to figure what you have to do with this concept is that you have to prepare the design that related as well with concept of Batman. You might draw some Batman-things in the wall to fulfill your children wants.

To make it fun, you might put some interesting Batman stuffs as the accessories of your kids’ bedroom. By fulfilling and preparing the stuffs that you need for your kids’ bedroom, you can serve them the best bedroom to sleep. That is all for you the information about small bedroom design ideas for kids.

bedroom ideas for teenager

Teenage Cool Bedroom Design Ideas

August 15, 2017

Bedroom design ideas could be one thing that very important for some people that who want to redecorate their bedroom. Thinking about nice bedroom, sometimes becomes a hard thing for some people. Some people might be confused about how to make their dream comes true about the interior design of their bedroom.

bedroom ideas for teenager

Actually, the ideal concept of bedroom is a relative thing to talk. For the example, if you need an idea of children bedroom, you have to choose the concept that match with the childhood. You also have to do the same thing when you want to know decorate a teenager bedroom.

Teenager Bedroom Design Ideas

Talking about the bedroom ideas for teenager, it should be a brilliant idea. In which the idea can fulfill the needs of youth feeling and age. You can choose some bright bedroom design that can represent the bright future of teenager. For the example, you can put the simple flower wallpaper, such as the dandelion wallpaper in your bedroom wall.

bedroom ideas for teenager

The design of dandelion wallpaper will make your bedroom becomes of cozy. The combination of color that can make you feel comfort in your bedroom is also important thing that you have to think. So, make sure that the bedroom design ideas that you choose can help you to make your bedroom becomes more comfortable.

Arranging the Furniture Your Bedroom

Besides preparing the interior design of your bedroom, you also have to make sure that you have some innovation preparing the furniture for the bedroom. For the example, if you are the one that very concern with the design of your bedroom, you can consider under-the-bed storage as one of your bedroom design ideas innovation and also the solution when you have limited space.

Besides that, you also can put the cabinet surround the wall in your bedroom, then you can put the books there. That will make your teenager bedroom design ideas becomes cooler and elegant. If you do not mind to think about that, you might have another idea which is also cool and interesting as the other one.

bedroom ideas for teenager

For the example, you can put the high bed in the bedroom, the you can use the vault from the bed as the place for some stuff or you can make the vault as the other functioned space. For instance, you can make vault as the place for study, by putting the desk, the nightstand and also the bench or chair for study. On the other hand, you also can use the space for another thing, such as the relaxing zone of yours and the place where you can read the book or play with your dolls or anything else.

Those things will make your bedroom becomes more comfortable. So, the bedroom design ideas that you pick will be more functioned or useful. Make sure that you will choose the right and the best design that can help you to get the comfortable bedroom and the cool one. Have you found out the right design ideas for your bedroom? That is all the information for you.

Little Girls Bedroom Ideas

Figure Theme and Elegant Concept of Little Girls Bedroom Ideas Decorating

August 15, 2017

Are you looking for your little girls bedroom ideas decorating and getting confused about which is the idea that you have to choose? Alternatively, perhaps you have not found the ideas yet. You do not have to worry about those things because you still have a chance to find the best idea to make your little girls bedroom becomes interesting and great.

Little Girls Bedroom Ideas

Actually, children usually have their own favorite role of figure in a serial that they watch in the television. Making your little girls bedroom based on what their favorite will be one great idea that you can choose as your option.

Role/Figure Theme Bedroom Ideas

As already said before that your girl might have her own favorite role or figure, you can make the figure of her favorite as the theme of her bedroom. For the example, your girl loves Frozen a lot, and then you can make the theme of Frozen in her bedroom.

You might put the wallpaper which can support the concept of Frozen itself, such as the image of snow. You can also make it matcher each other by picking the color of baby-blue in the wall surrounding the bedroom. That will support the concept of Frozen that you choose and becomes one of the greatest little girls bedroom ideas decorating.

Little Girls Bedroom Ideas

Another example, you can choose another concept of Disney Princess’ bedroom concept by picking another figure from Disney Princess, for example. So, that will make you easier if you know what is her favorite and can make it as the concept of their bedroom ideas. You also can bring the concept of Disney Princess by making some stuff that similar with the stuff of Disney Princess.

For the example, you can decide to make the bed using the canopy and make the shape very similar with the bed of the princess in Disney. This little girls bedroom ideas decorating will make your little girl love her room.

Other Creative Ideas

If you do not think that the figure theme as the best little girls bedroom ideas decorating for your girl, you can pick another idea that might be matched with your will and your children will. For the example, you can choose the concept of elegant bedroom for your children room. You can choose the gray color as the color of the wall and put some mature furnishings in your girl bedroom.

Girls Bedroom Ideas

You can also put the desk in white color and you can put the nightstand on it. With this elegant concept, the bedroom can accompany your little girl for some years more until the transition to the teenager.

Those ideas about bedroom ideas for your little girl can help you to find out the best ideas for your girl. If you think that the figure theme is more suitable for your little girl bedroom, you can choose it and apply it in your little girl bedroom. If you love to choose the elegant concept, you can choose it. That is all the information that I can give for you about little girls bedroom ideas decorating.

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Considering the Storage Bedroom for teenager

The Best Girls Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

August 2, 2017

Bedroom for teenagers is not merely a room to sleep and resting. However, for the teenagers, especially the girls, bedroom is beyond the definition of a room to sleep. It is a place where they can find their own world and escapes from the rules and difficulty in the outside.

girls bedroom ideas for small room

For that a room should be comfortable, the bedroom ideas especially for girls bedroom ideas for small rooms should be interesting and put the comforting thing that your girl needs in their bedroom. To make you girls’ room becomes comfortable, you can consider some ideas bellow.

Multi-Purpose Bedroom for Your Girls

In designing your girls’ bedroom, you have to consider about the function of the room that you made. It would be more than a room for sleep. Since your girl might need a room to hang out and chat with their friend, room for study and room for sleep. So, the room with multi purposes will make your girl more comfortable with their bedroom.

Bedroom for Your Girls

The existence of the space to lounge with their friends with make the room has more space to socialize in her room. It does not need too large space to have the multi-purpose bedroom, you only need to arrange the room as comfortable as it can be. So, this idea can be a good idea for girls bedroom ideas for small rooms that you can pick.

Considering the Storage

To think about the girls’ bedroom ideas for small rooms that you might need to pick for your girl, you need to think about storage. Of course, when your girl has so many things to be kept, storage is one important thing to be prepared. To be a problem solve when the room that you prepared is not that big, you can make some combination or innovation about the storage in your girls’ room.

The storage that you might need for your girls’ room is some things like shelving, dressers, a cabinet and storage benches. However, to minimizing the use of the space, you can put the cabinet wall around the bed, so that you do not need more space to put the cabinet. Besides, you also can make any under-the-bed storage, so that you will not waste your small room.

Considering the Storage Bedroom for teenager

Other thing that you can use when you thing about girls bedroom ideas for small room is that you have to be creative. You have to make sure and think once again about the function of the stuff that you have in your bedroom. For instance, you can make an under-the-bed dresser to minimize the using of space. You also can put the shelving under the bed.

Another great thing that you can find out about the idea of bedroom for small room is that you can make the high-bed and make the vault as the space for study. You can put your girl’s table for study under the high-bed that you prepare. With that solution, the small room will be more useful and comfortable since it has many functions in the using. So, what do you think about girls bedroom ideas for small room above?