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The Purple Living Room Decorating Ideas for Elegant Looks

July 29, 2017

Are you bored with your living room? Maybe it is the time when you have to change the atmosphere of your living room. Playing with purple color must be the best choice for living room decorating ideas. Some of people might think that purple is the dark color and not suitable for any kind of atmosphere, but the rest is disagree. Purple can bring the elegant atmosphere and make your space to be look cozier.

Purple Living Room Decorating Ideas

First of all, you can choose between light purple and dark purple. Both of them are fine but if you want get more glamour, you can choose the darker one. After that, choose the items for decorating your purple living room. So, here are the items that might you place.

The Grey Wall Color
First of all, to get livelier living room you can choose the grey tone for your wall as living room decorating ideas. It must be the prefect one when the dark grey color featuring with the dark elegant purple color. Then, you can make some texture on the wall or just sticking the wallpaper with the line. It will make your living room be perfect.

Purple Sofa

Purple Sofa
As the main concept, you can place the purple sofa face to face. You can also place the pattern sofa if you want to make it more detail. Yet, you have to still match it with the purple concept. Then, on the sofa you can place some of fur pillow with the different color. White or black must be the best color for the pillow that will placed on the sofa. For the table, you can use the one tone color which is white or black for getting the best purple living room decorating ideas.

Don’t Forget About Rug
Rug is the must-item for your elegant purple living room decorating ideas. You can use any kind of rug. However, there are some considerations on choosing the rug. First, you have to know about the materials since the different types of rug will get the different maintenance. You can choose the easiest maintenance one.

elegant purple living room decorating ideas

Second, you have to measure the large of the rug so that it will be not to cover all of your room. The ideal size of rug in living room is not more than 70% covering. As the best recommendation, you can choose the white fur rug that must be help your living room be more elegant. On the other hand, you can also choose the velvet rug.

Flowers make it Flowery
For the last touch of decorating your living room is place the beautiful plant. In this point, flower is the best choice as the purple living room decorating ideas. You can put a flower in the vas for each corner in your living room. For the other concept, you can put some of flowers on the center of room then place some of single flower. The white color must be the best one to make your living room be warm and cozy.

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