beautiful inground pool design
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Which Types of Inground Pool that will be installed in Your Home?

December 5, 2016

Having swimming pool in the house must be the perfect one. Swimming pool is not only a place for swimming in the relax time, but swimming pool also can be a place to gathering with your family and friends. There are many kinds of swimming pool that can be installed in your house, one of them is inground pool which is unique.

beautiful inground pool design

After deciding that you want to install that kind of swimming pool, then you can go looking for some of inground pool design that can be your inspiration. Actually, there are three types of inground pool which has different qualities.

Vynil Liner Inground Pool

As the first idea for inground pool design is made from vynil liner. It must be the best choice for you who want to install inground pool in low cost. With at least $10.000, you can install the beautiful inground pool. Moreover, the inground pool made from vynil liner is easier to custom since it has customizable shape.

beautiful inground pool design

So, you have possibility to install swimming pool more from the shape, size and depth. However, there is an advantages from using vynil liner inground pool. It has expensive cost to replace the liner. You have to change the liner in 10 years after the first construction. It emans that you will get the lower cost for the installment but you have to pay more for the protection.

Concrete Inground Pool

For the second types of inground pool is concrete pool which also have many advantages. First. Same like vynil liner inderground pool, it has customizable shape and size. So, for it must be easy to get the inground pool design that you want. Then, if you want to get the extremely deep and large swimming pool, concrete pool must be the best one by cutomazing the tanning ledges. Moreover, this type of pool is the durable one so there will be no worry to get damage on your beautiful interior pool.

beautiful inground pool design

However, because of it is kind of nature, there will be some porous that will give a place for algae. It must be the trouble one for once algae comes so there is a hard way to remove it. To maintenance, you have to brush the entire surface of your pool by using a steel brush in every week. Then, because of its materials it cost more than the vynil liner pool.

Fiberglass Inground Pool

For the last recommendation of your inground pool design is made from fiberglass. From three of the types of inground pool. The fiberglass pool must be the most advantages one. Different from vynil liner and concrete pool, fiberglass pool has the lowest maintenance.

It has non-porous because its surface is so rough. Moreover, it is also has the high durability and attractive look, so you can get the most beautiful inground pool design by installing this type. On the other hand, it is not easy to get the shape that you want from fiberglass pool since it is not as customizable as vynil liner and concrete pool.

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